SoCal startup looking for another programmer...

Hi, I wasn’t sure wether to post this in paid or volunteer but I’m currently planning on launching a startup company, not sure how to describe it yet but it deals with user-interfaces. I’m biased in saying this but I think this idea is pretty damn innovative - it could be the chance FOSS/Linux has been waiting for and it could change the way we interact with computers. Many companies have tried from Red Hat to Linspire to Ubuntu, though I see another way that we have not tried yet. I have a business plan including sustainability, financials, market trends, timelines etc. I’ve also begun work on the website which should help me find other developers, but being my program is based on the BGE it only seems appropriate to start here :slight_smile:

Currently, I’m working on the prototype and I would like to bring some people onboard with me, hopefully to be founders one day. I am capable of doing this all by myself but collaboration is a MUST in open-source. As for timelines, the product won’t be fully developed until May, as that’s when the LEAP motion controller will be released (hint!). I’ve also applied for developer status. More details will be revealed later…

Looking for someone that:

  • Lives in the SoCal area (LA/OC) - my area of residence
  • Familiar with Blender/Blender Game Engine/Python/C - mainly coding right now
  • Familiar with GTK/widget toolkits/x11
  • Familiar with Linux - main platform is Linux
  • OpenGL/graphics/hardware/web development is a plus

I, myself, am not a professional programmer - self-taught from a young age - so you don’t have to be an expert, but you should be motivated and capable of learning and improving. This is also a learning experience for me, then again isn’t everything? Finally, this could lead somewhere…

If you have an interest in user-interfaces, please contact!