Soccer Ball

(karsten) #1


what du you think of this soccer ball?

The soccer ball was modelled in Wings after a tutorial from this site:

After importing the model in Blender and creating the grass it was rendered in Blender.

(sten) #2

look great !

nice that you have beveled edges !

(IMProvisar) #3

Love the crack in the black panel… adds to the realism… obviously wasn’t just pulled off a shelf yesterday.

The greyish marks on the white panels… dunno what that is. I’d suggest going with a brown to reddish color for that… if it’s supposed to be dirt.

Overall, awesome job. :slight_smile:


(Detritus) #4

:o AWESOME! But change the color of the dirt.

Hmm… Me wonders if there´s any way to model a soccerball/golfball in Blender.

(karsten) #5

Thanks for your comments!

Here is my second try:

(digitalSlav) #6

very nice! much better angle on the ball as well!

(Alltaken) #7

i like the second one much better

a bit of dirt on the bottom of the ball perhaps
(not all over just at the bottom)

and i know its not about the socer ball but perhaps put some mud in the grass

have a skid mark or somthing
dirty up the pitch cause ive never seen grass that clean

but i think it is great

constructive critisism :o

(karsten) #8

OK, here comes the third version:

(Idgas) #9

The last one looks alot better. Try making the grass around the ball lay down a little instead of going up. Like the ball rolled in. I like the texture of the scene. Looks awsome.

(RipSting) #10

Looks very good! I almost think the ball’s specular highlight is too concentrated in the black patch. I recommend turning the hardness down. Then again I don’t know the lighting conditions.

(blengine) #11

looks great! the third version is looking good… what kid of grass are u using? it looks somewhat like static particles? theyre all standing strate up, blast some wind throught that patch! and if it is static particles, i recommend dupliverting some mesh grass blades, that way u can have them droop and can can sway them yourself in the modeling…
its turning out nice, maybe now some props? such as a sports cup lying next to the ball on the grass? :wink:

(karsten) #12

The 4. version:

In this version I added a white line in the grass and tries to bend the grass a little bit. Further I blurred the background with the zblur plugin.

(blengine) #13

wonderful! now its looking very real! awesome white line addition =D