Soccer Ball

Hey everyone, here’s my newest blender work - a soccer ball. Made entirely with blender, no Post Pro. 977,000 vertices, but less than a minute to render. You’ve gotta love spotlamps :slight_smile:
Click for big picture.


Nice, I like the grass.

Very nice image.
Lighting, modeling, grass and DOF, all good.

I think this image would be stronger, compositionally, if it was more of a vertical portrait format and we saw more of the sky. Something you might want to try out.


nice image. Has the feel of the football season/game about to begin. However, the grass needs cutting and the net (I’m assuming its the net) looks like its made of metal. Like the dirt on the football - nice effect.

cool, i like it - the net looks like plastic :slight_smile:
The grass should be wide at the base (near the ground) and thinner to the top.
Also the grass is too high - have u seen a normal, regular football pitch? The grass should be 2-3cms high (at most),

Stupid me I didn’t think of the image being a link to the whole thing, but the net really does look like metal.

Samir: Thanks for the input, I’ll experiment some more!

GCat: Thanks! Yeah, I know the net looks bad. Metal? I thought it looked more like plastic. . .

Pavcioo: I’m not exactly sure how to adjust the width of grass at different places; I’m still experimenting with Ripsting’s Fiber Generator.

About the grass height–I wanted to make it look like it was out-of-season, hence the longer, uncut grass (and unmarked field).

Kansas_15: Thanks; I’ll work on the net ;).


really cool man nice grass great colors andf lighting! thumbs up if i had more thumbs i would put more up

Oh, cool. Didn’t realise that :smiley: