soccer ball

The ball isn’t mathematically perfect, buts its really close. My lighting skills are terrible and it doesn’t look realistic.


I’d say turn of the shadows of the two lamps and lower their intensity and make the sun lamp have a subtle color to it. The ball is very nice.

The model is really great. Maybe you should work more on lighting because now it seems that the ball is some inches above the surface.

This one is a little better.

I have a stupid question, why is my uploaded image lower quality than the original on my computer?


So the server has more room for everyone else’s pictures too. Probably.

The file is the same size 22.9KB, oh well, it’s a mystery ;). Any way one more pic and I’ll stop flooding the forum with pics of my silly ball.


If you’re referring to the displayed size, did you try clicking on your picture? It leads to a higher-res image.

And the soccer ball looks pretty good, but it kind of looks like the picture was taken at night with one floodlight illuminating the scene, if you see what I mean.

Ya, that last pic looks kinda like its a fall 7: 30 night, and the lights are from some sorta stadum… or close to that :smiley:

Anyhoo, nice modeling on the ball. The materials look about right to.

It looks like the edges of the patches are too rounded. I would try to sharpen the edges of the patches a little.


Can you give us an idea how you modeled this? I can thing of a really easy way with Macro’s in an other program. How would you do this in blender? Any help to a blender newb?


Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Well done!
koots, it seems he used a hi-res icosphere and then extruded and subsurfaced.