Soccer city

(Freid) #1

Hi !
A little pic :

And I hate soccer :smiley:

Wacky Freiddy

(DreamMaster) #2

Umm I can’t understand why you created something that you hate… umm maybe I’m trying to understand the nature of bizarre thoughts from each individual… ponders deeply

Oh! Yes, it’s a cool soccor city! :slight_smile:

(Freid) #3

Its a freelance job, and i did it in a way which was fun for me.


(blengine) #4

wow that is good! i dont have anything but compliments for it =)
its a small world :wink:
very nice lighting too, and modeling, dont forget the cool modeling job

(Stungun) #5

eey, I like it - nice cartoony look
also the weird perspective is pretty cool

  • Stungun

(stephen2002) #6

the distored look is pretty neat. I like it.