Soccer/Football deaths, tribute

I heared some commotion in my class about a video called Angel Of Death, so when I got home, I decided to search for it.
Ended up with an Iranian soccer player who gots a fatal kick to, what appears to be his lungs, falls to the ground and freaks out. Not a minute after, he died.
It is very freaky to see, and I found a tribute to those who died (soccer players) on the green.

This is the morbid side of sport (and soccer):

holy shit, i no this stuff isnt that frequent in soccer but jesus, wen it does its pretty bad. apparently in the vid at 00.53, the guy is have a cerebral attack, at first i thought he was just celebrating but apparently he wasnt in control of his acctions, wow

Put a f**king warning on the title.

dude, it says in the title “soccer/football deaths, tribute” pretty good warning to me

Not enough. Example. Tribute death of princess diana. They don’t show her squashed body and paparazzis dancing on her.

There should be more specific warning. Like " Warning - Blood and eyes popped out regular shit in this youtube clip"