Soccer Guys

This is a fun soccer game made on blender 3d very fun and easy to play. 2 player game, when you download the game go on help and read it. click on soccer guys.exe to play the game. You can also make a disk for it copy the files to a disk then print the soccer guys disk case cut it out and put it in the disk case.

Download exe.->




looks like it’s some pretty smooth gameplay for a Blender football (soccer) game…

Just a side-note - ESRB and probably the “Games For Windows” have copyrights attached to them; I’d be a bit more weary when using them for distributed media… :smiley:

Yeah, I agree with Haker as to the ESRB. If you want to add a rating, check out The Independent Game Rating System here. You can get a rating under ‘Developer and Publisher Info’.

did u even play the game.

did u play the game or not

You’ve got a lot of files up there - you should put them all into a zip file for easy download.

Haha! Great work but looks simple , but it’s a good iniciative for blender game engine. Continue working , and if you can make a multiplayer network with this game , you will gain more players , a lot of them.

Lol one of my favorite parts is how you actually made a game label for it. That is the first time I have seen that done on a blender game.

it looks good definatly needs work. but i would recomend not putting the games for windows logo on top and also create a better logo for your game it looks like it was all made in MS paint.