Soccer Penalty

Hey folks. I had some fun with this soccerball for an animation I’m doing for work (can’t show the animation I’m afraid). I didn’t model the soccerball, but I had a great time setting up lighting and textures. Let me know what suggestions you have.

i like it!

Is the ball motion blurred? (or a snap of mid movement so to say)

Can’t really comment on much till I see the animation. Its a close up of a soccerball. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zeusbwr: I have motion blur on for for the animation, and this is just 1 frame.

redbyte: Hah, yeah. It’s a closeup of a soccerball. The soccerball is spinning, and the text rotates around the ball. Unfortunately I can’t post the animation because as soon as its done it belongs to the company I work for :-?