Soccer Player

Had this mesh lying around and was wondering what kind of character I could turn it into. Well the world cup was on so I figured why not go with a soccer look.

Current Progress

For the most part the character mesh is finished, probably going to shrink the head slightly so I can get the look I want. The clothes just have basic materials, same with the skin, no actual textures just yet. As for the shirt I’m probably going to untuck the shirt.
The cleats are not modeled yet so there’s really nothing below the socks.
Once everything is finished clothing wise I’ll be moving on to the hair.

That’s pretty much it for now, any advice on how to go on from here would be much appreciated.

Started to texture the jersey, Still working on the mesh look, I think for that I’ll rework the mesh pattern texture and make a copy for use as a mask. Also while I’m at it I think the mesh could be denser.

Decent mesh. Reminds me of a Sony Pictures Animation-type character.

Finally got back to this model, trying to work out the hairstyle, not much luck with the hair net addon so I’m using particle edit.
Also trying to fix up the shoe material as well as the texture.

looks good but I have a couple of suggestions. first, the hair seems too fine. I would increase the strand width somewhat. the second thing is, i would make the t-shirt a little more loose and drapy by adding some big wrinkles like so:

Started posing the model so I can check what needs weight painted.
Per Modron’s suggestion I increased the stand width a bit, tried sculpting some wrinkles still looks too smooth. My first attempts at a cloth simulation didn’t work out too well but I think I may go back and try again.

I’ll also lower the eyebrows slightly.

Started testing some materials for some grass. right now it’s just hair particles. I’ll be modeling some grass that will be used in the particle system.

Working on the scenery right now, still a bit undecided on some parts of the scenery. I’m aiming for a park soccer field setup rather than a stadium.
Also still working on the hair.

Started adding some tress in the background and changed up the grass material slightly. I’m still working out the color of the scene during compositing.
I Probably should have done this at the beginning but I’ve started to add material/object indexes to everything for composting because I’m a bit unsure of how I’m going to mix her with the entire scene being it’s an orange jersey.
The next image was done prior to adding the indexes just as a test to see what other colors I could use so a lot more was changed than just the jersey.

I’m going to go back to looking at Andrew Price’s color video but any advice on that would be appreciated.

Changed the hair color along with the flowers in the trees. Also started to work on a mist pass.
Not sure what I can use to fill in the area beneath the trees, possibly a few small plants. Any advice on this image would be most helpful.

To fill in some of the background I extended the ground in back and sculpted a hill and added a few more trees.

Well I’m thinking I’m close to finishing this project, aside from a few fixes that need to be done with the character such as the uniform, ankle and hair.
I’ve added in a particle system into the background.
Now I’m trying to decide how much of the mist pass do I want.
The first image has a higher amount of the mist pass added in.

Second has a lower amount and is also the one I’m thinking of going with.

Next I’m going to go back and fix up a few things with my character but is there anything I’m missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Greate work with the lighting and background as well. It also played a great part on the output of the character great work.

wow looking really nice. the environment and lighting are also very good. one thing that might improve is the lack of shadows on the grass from the girl and the goals behind her.

Well one thing I could do about the shadows is rotate the environment slightly.

To help out with the lighting I used the sun position addon to match the sky texture, so it’s putting all the shadows behind her.

This is looking great, I love orange and blue as a color pallet.

If I had to make a criticism it would be that the style of the character is not very appealing “at least to me”. But its not just a personal preference issue, post #6 has a face that is easier to read and thus more appealing even though its the same style.

I think its a combination of the eye highlights and the mouth readability. in post #6 the eyes have a nice highlight and the lips are defined. But in your later renders that has been lost :frowning:

you have lost the eye highlights and the lips are less defined, you seem to have compensated for the lips by making them a brighter more saturated color but they should not need to glow for them to be readable.

Anyways, hope that helps.