Social Networking Connections

There are a lot of really cool Blender users and artists on here, and I was wondering if anyone has a Facebook Page or Twitter account they use to interact with clients or fans, distribute their work, tutorials, etc.

I thought if anyone was interested, we could share our social networking links on this thread so if anyone wants to, they can connect with us. I’ll start.

Hope everyone finds this useful!

Does no one else have have a Facebook Page or Twitter account?

I don’t have a Facebook, but, I have a twitter account :smiley:

Followed you! :slight_smile: Anyone else?

Well… I’ve got both FB and Twitter, as well as a Vimeo, a YouTube, a Blogger, and a DeviantART :o

And the rest, if anyone’s interested:

I’m slowly working on updating the lot of them as well, except DeviantART, which I’ve already dealt with - I have a few short tutorials planned as well, which I’m hoping will actually be good :wink:

Funny fact: my username on YouTube is BlenderMeshWeaver, which abbreviates to BMW, one of my favourite car models :yes:

And if you do an FB search for “Blender” you’ll find Blender Cookie as well.

I got a bunch, but i dont use all of them, and not all of them are updated as i have no time, when summer comes I hope to add lots of content and whatnot.

My Website:
Deviant Art:

Also planning on making a cgsociety acc as well at some point

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Deviant Art
You Tube

I draw, paint, blend and chat with other artists in Google+ hangouts. It’s a pretty good way to network and learn. :wink:

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