"Society Overthrown"

Title: “Society Overthrown”
Software: Blender/Lightroom
Render: Cycles @ 750 samples

A fun little project I did today, Thanks for viewing and enjoy!

EDIT: this is the updated Render (fixed the material on ivy)


Nice scene, I like it!

Looks good.
Why the ivy has square leaves?

I think he has just used default ivy generator,I think leaves are square by default, maybe it requires an alpha map

nice work overall.

Yes, ng, I know, but this is not a reason to post on finished projects topic. Sorry, I had to say this.

Thanks for the comments guys, ng is right though, no alpha map makes square leaves. I was going to add a more defined texture but didnt want to wait for another render.

ah, I think what michalis is saying is that it isn’t really “finished art” yet if the leaves aren’t done.I kind of agree with him.

If I where you i’d update the leaves,and edit this post with the new image.I think it would be worth it,its a nice image.Just render it while you go to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

Just render it while you go to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

Because cycles and transparent alpha pngs aren’t very good friends.
Yes, edit it. It’s a very nice image.

Check the image full size, I adjusted the materials for all the plant life…up’ed the resolution and changed a few minor things. Looks a lot better I think, thanks for the tip

hey knives glad u edited it,looks really great!! you should edit the first post with this new one!

Thanks man, took 3.5hours to render with all the gloss/translucent on particles haha. Updated the original with the new render

This is good. The vegetation is really nice.

Would you not like to do something about what appears to be stretched textures on the trash cans? They’re the first to give-away that it’s a CG scene. Also, maybe a more dramatic light setup?

As anuraag advises on cans.
It’s a nice image.
Light is dramatic but I could go for something stronger and more contrast. But it’s up to you.
Good work!