I think that the mods and sensible users of this forum would disapprove of an individual who posts using multiple usernames without a satisfactory reason.

I’m as certain as I can be without having proof that many trivial and time wasting threads and posts are being made by such a person over the past 10 months or so. I can’t name a list, of say 12 usernames, publically because I would likely be wrong about some of them.

Do the mods have the IP addresses of the members? OK, many members may at various times make use of different computers and sometimes the same computers at internet cafes, public libraries and schools. But if posts of a similar trivial style, using multiple usernames are consistently coming from the same computer, it suggests an individual time waster.

We do have a Report Post link on every post for situations like this.

Thanks Fweeb, but I can’t see, maybe for looking, any Report Post clickables.

I’ll say here that if I was to begin reporting particular posts (I am not by nature paranoid nor a tattletale) that I am aware that I would not be sure about the actual sincerity of the poster who’s posts I reported, but that a pattern would emerge that would indicate misuse of the site by some usernames and hence some people.

My motive is mild annoyance and I enjoy solving problems both in life and in the the environment of the bge.

It is a little obscure… it’s the little triangle with the exclamation mark on the bottom left of each post.

…and its only visible when you are logged in.

Thanks guys, now I can see it. It’s small and discrete, not too inviting, not too threatening.