Soda can opener


I’m working on a soda can at this link:

The problem is that it doesn’t teach how to model the soda can opener. Can anyone teach how to model it.


I did that tutorial. Ok, get a cube and make it thin, almost flat. Use an edge loop (Ctrl R) to cut the cube in half. Then, delete one half, Add a mirror modifier and enable clipping. Add subsurf after mirror modifier. Then, extrude from the side and move up. Keep extruding to form the shape. Then, extrude to the mirrored side. Finally, raise the beginning part we began from to make it curve at the end and just extrude one more time to make the circle that attaches the opener to the can. Well, that’s the best I can explain it…

No disrespect to the author of this tutorial, but the can itself is off-model and the opener is too small in the examples. The lip around the can is not that deep in the real world, just an observation.