Soda Not Looking So Good

Hey guys, I’ve been modelling a glass soda bottle and I’m trying to give image texture to the label. I whip up a quick label in GIMP and then I use it as my texture for the label part of my bottle. The problem is is that it just never really fits no matter how I map it onto the label part of the bottle. Anyone know how to fix that?

Have you tried UV unwrapping or mapping?

Are you using cycles or the regular material setup?

I tried unwrapping it and it gave really weird and twisted results. All I did was use image texture and changed the mapping to tube but it seemS to have made the picture really big and not fit.

I’m using the regular render engine. When you put an image on something does that image have to have the exact dimensions as the object I’m putting it on or does it automatically crop it? Texturing has been a pain for me ever since I’ve started. I hope I can make this work.…=1#post1976892

The absolutely easiest way I have found to put a decal on a mesh is this:

1: in edit mode view the mesh so you see where you want the decal to go.
2: Select all the edges that surround where you want the decal
3: mark this seam
4: unwrap. You will find your area you marked with the seam, and everything else.
5: in photoshop, gimp, what ever, create a transparent png that contains your decal
6: open this image in the UV window.
7: move/scale your marked section over the decal.
8: scale everything else really small and put it in an area where there is no image (the transparent part)
9: add the image as a texture.

This simple method only works if the only part of your mesh that is not just the material is the decal.

This helmet was made with this technique.

@ place57 So I followed your instructions on marking seems and unwrapping but after that I go to the bottom and click open image, right? If so how do I add it as a texture?