Sofa Blender Cycles 2.62

A simple sofa scene made by blender 2.62 with cycles
hope you like it

blender 2.62 with cycles
3000 passes
postpro Gimp
modelling and rendering about 4 hours.



I like the overall light, colors, and postpro adjustments, however, sofa model has no details, just simple rounded boxes and textures are too much low res. Cushions need a bit of work too.

With a few corrections it could become a really nice image, imho.


I absolutely agree with marcoG_ita. The lighting and the postpro looks very nice, but the sofa needs more details. You could add a painted texture and a small procedural texture as a normalmap. Another small thing to critisize are these books on the table which break the peace of this image a little bit. Maybe you could change the colour a bit.
But all in all I really like it. The lamps and the rest of the scene look really nice. :slight_smile:

nice work on the lighting!

Nice! the only thing i would say is the wooden wall texture looks kind of blurry like its low resolution or maybe stretched.