Sofpasukus (Monster Thingy...)

I’m a real beginner, so unfortunately my stuff isn’t as impressive as some of the other masterpieces around here… But anyway, i think I wanted to show this.

Ideas on materials, lighting, modelling, anatomy, and any other C&C are welcome.


Head shape is nice, but its missing so many features, like nostrils, tongue and gums, that it’s hard to say much yet. Lower lip looks weird, I think it should be shorter.

Hmm… My original intention for making this was to just try my hand at my first SubSurf modeling. So now when I go back, I’m finding it really hard to make realistic gums and orifices.

Yeah, the lip was a bit weird; it was originally going to be a barracuda-type jaw… Anyway, I just started with blender maybe a year ago, so if you have any good ideas or help in any way, I would really appreciate it.