Soft blue background

link to full view ->

I downloaded a windows blinds theme that I liked but I couldn’t find the background for it. so I made my own.

link to the windows blinds theme I used ->

let me know what you think.

I like it
it is now the background on my computer :smiley:

Very nice. It is good to see some sweet and not detailfull images.

so it’s just a bended plane on the background

cool, thats exactly what I intended it for

Thank you.

I think that backgrounds should be simple. otherwise its hard to tell where your icons are.

well… not exactly. they are cubes that modified a bit, with a plane going through them. also I used radiosity to light them (only the background is lit with radiosity though).

I really like the simple background image. I like it the “Keep SImple” idea behind it and it works perfectly as a background image. I cannot say how frustrating when you log on another friends computer and you see this horrible background where you can see **** and the resolution is ****.
=> Simple and Elegant would sum my useless paragraph

On the other hand right now I’m trying how to get that blinds theme working on my Windows XP :S. Its a .wba file and I have no idea what program I’m supposed to use to open that :S Any hints?

search for “windows blinds” on google.
download the trial version.
thats all you need to use themes that are made by ppl.