Soft Bodies and and armatures

Hello. I have a question. I had an idea for making simulated clothes in blender, which was to have a version of the character with no clothes, fully skinned with armatures. Then, make a basic clothing object, and set it to a soft body, and the cloth should mode where the person moves. Reality, that doesnt work. Does anyone know how to make simlutated clothing on top of a character? I set up a basic rig, and when I went to bake the soft body, blender froze at frame 2. Yes, I told the character to be a deflector.

Take a look at this thread:

Basically, you need to use a softbody goal (vertex group) that is painted such that parts of your clothing are fully governed by the armature and parts are free to behave as softbodies.

Also, the Armature modifier must be before the Softbody modifier in the modifier stack.