Soft Bodies Anyone? HeHe.

Softbodies here-


That’s awesome!

I’m already in to it! awesome jobs programers!

here is a test moive I did:

Well, I tried it and it only chrashes, or it is insanely slow :frowning:

Thanks coders!
Can’t wait play with this!
Can’t wait to see the all experiments people will be posting.

Surely we must say thank you to JesterKing for doing the port, but most of all, we must thank intrr for coding all of this in Blender Instinctive!
With recursive reflections, undo function and now the soft bodies simulator, Alexander realy introduced into Blender great functionalities (when will we have native DOF, too, ported from Instinctive?).

I think that there are many interesting things in each version of Blender: tuhopuu (uvmap tools…), instinctive (soft bodies and DOF…), fundation (raytracing features…)… None should be disregarded, and each one should have decent builds for each plateform in the Testing Builds forums of… Unfortunately, Instinctive has less “visibility” among the blenderheads various communities and it never appears in the Testing Builds forums to my great disappointment (surely I put it in these if I only could compile myself! each atetmpt I made poorly failed).

intrr: perhaps if you could put at least a website page about Instinctive, then the visibility of your “product” should increase and perhaps more help for designing and testing your tools?

I hope the situation will change, because apart from GUI details and very few features, each blender version really help the others to climb the stiff hill from “good” tool to “supreme” tool. To all of you coders, I say thank you.

And to you, intrr, I say keep your refreshing point of view on Blender, but please continue to develop those kick-ass functionalities you have a knack for :wink: Blender badly needs them!

Wow I was planning on writing my own soft body python script, but this… THIS will be awesome for creating truely flowing hair! :smiley:

You beat me to it. I was going to ask you what you thought about the new soft body features in relation to your hair script.

Sweet stuff! I said some time back that one day I will log into the BF and see a new feature or features that knock me out of my chair. Things are building up for the next big Blender release.

No OSX build :frowning:

Sadly, this build seems to have disappeared – at least from that particular link.

I’d really love trying this one. Could anybody post the new link/actual download?


you did not well enough :stuck_out_tongue:

seek you shall find

that like… helps out extremly immensely if you want to work with soft things in animation…


I can’t get any good results :frowning: all my attempts end up like this:
Anyone got any hints

No hints from me. :frowning:

When this was first developed as a part of a sub-build, the programmer said that it would be almost necessary to understand how the programming works to be able to squeeze good results out. So you’re either going to have to go trial/error or look at the source and try to make sense of it.

im sorry for asking this but how the heck do i do that?

for this cloth

I used these settings:

gravity: 1.64
stiffness: 1.1
elasticity: 0.2
movedump: 0.16
all but “mass” is disabled.