Soft bodies in the BGE

Just in case there’s someone who hasn’t noticed, Blender Game Engine will soon be getting real-time Soft Bodies!
[Bf-blender-cvs] SVN commit: /data/svn/bf-blender [16568] trunk/blender:Preparation for real-time soft bodies for the game engine, step 1 out of 3.

That’ll be quite interesting, won’t it? :yes:

A search revealed a similar thread in the Game Engine section, but it was from before this BF-blender post.

The real challenge is to create a game that requires soft bodies for gameplay and not just use it for Superman’s cape :wink:

fob play any of the dead on arival fighting games and you can see what softbodies are going to be sued for.

rd03 - I’m not familiar with ‘dead on arival fighting games’ but can I hazard a guess with ‘jiggly boobs’?

Sweet!! What about sailing, or nets in sports games, or maybe as a wind sock in a plane game or an artillery-type game, or…

yes fob you could. what can i say, evidently sex sells.

Or super super super long ears.

EDIT: Blowing in the wind. :]

Omigosh! How slow would it run?

Well I don’t know if this has anything to do with how slow it will run but you can get a bullet physics demo here

edit: I think that was the wrong link I cant find the one for the bullet physics demo thing

Is the bullet 2.71 will be in blender ? Does the softbody mean cloth also ?

I’d love to try that softbody camera rig in the game engine ( the one that had a wonderful sense of shake and inertia)

I don’t know if it will be in 2.48. Soft body can be many things such as a rubber ball.

isn’t it “dead or alive”?

yes gdp, it is. my nephuews favorite game once upon a time. i know it was doa, and took my best guess. now that you remind me i’m sure you are right. thanks for the correction.

Well, my Thinktpad T40 can run most of their demos and it is a couple of years old.