Soft Bodies

Could someone (anyone) please explain how soft bodies work? Not the code part, or anything in depth.

Just a step-by-step on how to make something really simple happen.

I’ve already looked at all the documentation for it (both paragraphs! :smiley: ) but can’t seem to get it to work.

Anybody with a simple step-by-step getting started idea?

I’d post questions and also check around here:

Oh, the hell with it :smiley: I’ll write my own damned tutorial…


  1. Create an icosphere (SPACEBAR->ADD->MESH->ICOSPHERE). Use the default values.

  2. Create a Grid (SPACEBAR->ADD->MESH->GRID). Use the default values. Scale it so its bigger than the Sphere in the top view (NUMPAD 7).

  3. Press NUMPAD 1, select the Grid, G-KEY “grab” it and position it over the Sphere.

  4. F9 Edit Buttons, click on “SUBSURF” and raise the value to “2” or “3”. Click ‘Optimal’ if it slows down Blender.

Fine and dandy, scene is set. Now:

  1. Grid still selected, F7 Object Buttons, NEW Effect, use the pop-up menu to select “Soft” (it usually says “Build”).

  2. Click “Dynamic”. Use the default settings.

  3. Set the “End” value to 90 or so.

  4. Click “Bake” and let blender figure out all the dynamics involved. Let it cycle through all 90 frames. For some reason, it cycles through all of the frames again and again; I just hit “Esc” on the keyboard after the first cycle.

Render the animation.

Its a bit buggy, but it works :slight_smile:

You forgot to say: “In the deformob field, enter the name of the sphere”.

Gravity is also a little low.