soft bodies

ok guys, i wanna know how to make soft bodies work on game engine…
please guide me…

the simple answer is they dont. softbodies are not a game engine feature. you could fake it with keyframes and bones, i don’t see that working well without taking alot of effort and killing your frame rate.

thanks for the reply…
i dint know that:D,
ok, how to make hair movement in game then?..

Just try making a short action and the hairs with armutures whenever you want it to move. However of course this won’t have physics.

Hope that helps!

You can’t do soft bodies on something like a curtain, or cape, but if its something like rope, you could make segments with rigid body joints activated.

Well you could fake it with ipos, or use some in-game physics, put some rigid body on some hair, it could turn out really well, if done properly, although it could potientally use up a lot more frames per second.

Here is a poor example of how to do hair with physics!

oh, got it…
thanx guys