Soft Body and Armature Please Help

Hi there,

I am trying to create a dynamic piece of rope/string that I can push and pull around the scene and the bottom end will follow as if gravity were acting on it. Unless someone has a better suggestion, I have been using a soft body and setting the weighting so that the top of the string stays and the rest is allowed to sway freely. The problem is how do I move the rope around the scene, I have tried attaching it to an armature but I can’t get it to work. Please help


Within Soft Body property setting there is setting called Soft Body Goal. This is equivalent to pinning cloth simulation. You can freeze given vertexes in space by using vertex group and weigh painting. Just locate the rope object center at the top attach point and set the top vertexes as a Soft Body Goal. Then you can just key frame rope top to move. The bottom of the rope will follow.

One way to get the rope to move is to constrain it to an Empty, then move the Empty about. Copy Location is good for this. The Empty can then be in turn influenced by other objects via parenting or a constraint. For example, if you want the rope to be pulled about by a character, you can make the Empty a child of the character mesh’s hand via Vertex Parenting. Hand moves -> Empty moves -> Goal part of rope moves-> and the Soft Body part follows along.