soft body and cloth???

hi all.
i saw a vidio on youtube of a dragon flight cycle some guy made in blender. in the description, he said for the wings he used the cloth setting (in the phisics panel) on the dragons wings, makeing the wing membrane sortof droop like bat wings do. i tryed doing that but it turned the whole dragon to cloth. dose anyone know how this guy might have done this?

It’s done by pinning the cloth. Like in flag examples… where the vertex weight is 1 it stays pinned to flagpole, where its 0 it behaves like cloth. So for your dragon make a vertex group with all the verts and assign weight of 1. Now select the bits you want to flap a bit and asign them a weight of zero… or a small number … fiddle.

In the cloth panel select pin and choose the vertex group you just created above… Soft body also applies the same.

so i’d have to make the wing membrain a differant object?

No same object.

Have a look at look at the vertex group named “group”. Where it is 1 it is pinned to the flagpole. In the cloth menu “Group” is assigned as the pinning group near the pinned checkbox… hmmm i’m looking at 2.55 but if i remember 2.49 is similar.

Hope this helps the penny drop.

Dragon wings + cloth simulation + animation + tutorial =