soft body + armature deformation

I’ve been trying the last few days to get some soft body wobbles happening on a character, as described in Enrico Valenza’s tutorial here.

Here’s the problem that I can’t get my head around:
I’ve made a vertex group called ‘SOFT’, but when I select it as a goal from the ‘use goal’ pop-up list, blender keeps on selecting a different vertex group. No matter how many times I go back in and pick ‘SOFT’ from the list, blender chooses another group.

Ive been able to produce the wobble effect on a simple mesh with no bones.

Can anyone please help? Ive been through the forum, and through the wiki, and Googled many times…

The plot thickens.

I’ve noticed some vertex groups have duplicates. Exactly the same name, though defining weighting to different parts of the mesh. I didn’t think this was possible. I may have found a bug. How would I go about reporting a suspected bug?

I still cant select the desired vertex group from the pop-up list, though I can select it from the outliner.

I just found the bug reporting info on Should have looked there first probably!

Just a thought, but you do know that Blender’s object names are case sensitive so “Soft” is not the same as “SOFT”?

No there’s no difference in case. The names are identical. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I now think the problem is being caused by something else.

Many of the vertex groups were not showing up in the pop-up list. This included the target vertex group which I had created especially called ‘SOFT’. In order to see if the large number of vertex groups was somehow causing the problem, I deleted most of them (thereby losing all the bone weighting) in order to test my hunch. After doing so, I was able to assign the vertex group! and get the wobbling soft body effect on the armatured character.

Im not sure if this would be classified as a bug or a feature request, but at the moment blender doesn’t seem to handle large numbers of vertex groups very well.