soft body bouncing

Hey all,

I’m learning about soft body simulation (and having a ball, of course…as it were), and trying to wrap my head around how all the various values interact with each other.

I’m using soft body simulation to take two objects and “mash” them together. The biggest problem I’m having is a tendency for the soft body object to deform undesireably when it “bounces” off the colliding surface. Sometimes I can let it settle and it’ll be fine, but other times the bouncing sets off a visually interesting but “wrong” cascade of deformations which ruin the desired “glomming” or “mashing” effect.

I hope that makes sense. So I’m wondering if anyone has any input on how to dampen bouncing as much as possible. I have experimented with almost all the settings, but in my naivete I suspect that it’s the interactions between some of them that I’m not grasping.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!