Soft Body - Copying settings

I am trying have 400 flower pestles to float and fall delicately to the ground. After getting unsatisfactory results with particles and so I am trying with soft bodies. I cannot find a way to copy all the settings from a master pestle to the other pestles. I also want to add a force field to each pestle which I also cannot not copy to the other pestles.
I have tried the copy addon but it only copies certain modifier settings and not force fields settings etc. I have no idea how to write a python script and to be honest, it strikes me that a simple thing like copying settings should be a basic tool. On the other hand, maybe my method is all wrong and i can do it another way.
When I look at the tools in the physics panel, they work very seperately and I presume that under hood they are very seperate. This is a real shame as it limits dramatically what can be done beyond quite simple effects. I wonder if anyone has looked into moving the physics panel to a nodal based system (only a neophyte like me can suggest such an idea). Also the outliner is really limited in managing elements. it would great to be able to delete modifiers from multiple objects in one go. For the moment I cannot find a way to do that either.
Any thoughts are most welcome.