Soft Body Dynamics will not save if I save under a different name

I’m using Blender 2.93.3, Windows 10 64bit. I have a scene with my character pulling a rope. I used Soft Body dynamics on the rope.
I baked the rope and it flops around… OK…

Issue is, if I save the same scene, but under another name… example: Pullrope_1 to a new name Pullrope_2… I loose the baked simulation. I have to re-simulate.

It’s not a huge issue. But I do a lot of composite rendering. Like I will render the character in one pass. On the next pass, I will render the background. And if I have to re-simulate the Soft Body. The rope will not flop around the same way.

Is there a place that the soft body dynamics baked data is saved to pull it up again? Fluid dynamics you can set a specific folder for the cache data. I’m not seeing this for Soft Body Dynamics.

Am I not saving the scene correctly?

Hmm the docu says something about cache path but not for every sim… Anyway you may wanna save your ongoing versions with Save As (sim1 sim2 sim3…) and you actual version again under the same name as before (sim) … or rename the blendcache_sim directory to blendcache_sim1 (2 3 4 )