soft body engine in 2.5 is reliable as it was in 2.4?

did a few tests
sb_edge_prop_nice_in_2_4.blend (257 KB)
windows 2.4 to 2.5
both went pretty fine
but the 2.4 version was some 250k
the 2.5 version is 4+ megabyte kind of doubtable success … is it?
may be it wont upload … for some reasons.
Still if i load the 2.4 file to 2.5 it works as well …
lunix version of 2.5 did it … humm makes me wonder where 2.5 is
same file stores at windows with 4 megabyte while it stores on Linux with some 250 kilobytes …
cross platform or ?
sb_edge_prop_nice_in_2_5lunix.blend (328 KB)
taking it back to win saving it made it 4 megabyte again…
strange …
… well i won’t trust 2.5 for soft bodies right now .
Pretty bad since earlier versions of 2.5 went pretty fine .
The engine (which is on my side) seems to be working fine as usual but the plugs to it seem all off.
May be I am a bit tired of cleaning up the mess, that comes with progress … well
my point of view