Soft body(first try)

I am trying to make softbodies in gameblender.Here is an example file of my first test(zoel’s script helped me alot.Thx)

The mesh can only be dented(imma work on elasticity later).If there is any problem you can post it here and/or try to fix it.
with this you can now dent barrels when you shoot them(in fps games).And lots more.If you have any suggestions(and you are good at python) plz help, so everyone can benefit.:yes:

you can delete the property in the collision sensor and the object will dent everything it touches(and some other effect, you will see it).you can also specify the property you are looking for.If you want to use this i your games just make sure that the collision sensor’s name is ‘col’:eyebrowlift:.It’s easy to use.
one more thing,if you use this script the mesh will only dent downwards.This is only a start anyway

Wow that works pretty fast for me, I’m getting about 14 FPS after i subdivided those textured things once

thats a good thing, right?
it works normal for me

It is for me because I’m getting about 18 FPS with just a cube, but that would normaly be bad

oh,i need to add things like making the mesh dent in the direction of the object,getting it to flow like cloth and trying to stretch back to its original shape(elastic).
Maybe i will work on the first one next week, or later this week.
I just hope someone could help(pm me if you can)

wow! very impressive! i’d love to help, but know limited python, so don’t think i could :frowning: Keep it up thogh! you have my complete support.

man that’s cool!

Dude that’s awesome XD I’ve been hoping for this for a long time XD Thanks alot guys :slight_smile: By the way I’m getting 30 fps which is the maximum framecount on my PC :smiley:

well, its just like changing all the vertex to red or whatever color you want.
an example here
The only thing is that i change the coordinates of the vertices nearby the object.
Its simple,i am working on a universal version of this script.So you can use it in any game.
Or if you can use python just edit it.I am a noob to python and i made this script.Heck, all i did was cut and paste and a little editing.

it’s pretty cool but the hard part is getting the physics object to deform as well. I.e. the objects are deforming but it still uses the old un-deformed object to calculate the collisions…hence the boxes float above the dented plane… not sure if there is a way around this. Ben 2610 has made a fix for the replace mesh that accepts new meshes when using armatures?

HAHA! thats cool, im getting about 55fps. but could this be used to make clothes that flap about?

i did that but my computer shut down because of an error.I restored the previous session in blender but it was saved like 5 minutes before.I dont remember what i did.

Thank you for sharing!

this is interesting. Great way to make realtime deformation. Yea, it would be great if it updated collision mesh also…

bump again:)

i do believe this deserves a bumpedy bumpy

srry bout the immaturety, i’m only 14 hehe:o

Considering that this thread is almost a year old, it should probably only be bumped by the author if he made more progress. However, since softbodies are now built in to blender, there is really no reason to bump this at all.

on the other hand captain (not so obvious) this isn’t a soft body demo its an impact deformation demo. Had u read the replies you would have found this out on ur own. so there:p

I am trying to make softbodies in gameblender.

imma work on elasticity later

He was trying to make softbodies with elasticity.