Soft body game help please.

I am startin to get a small game going, and a little help wound be nice :slight_smile:

I have a character set up, with a few objects around the little area I have set up.
The character can move forward, backward, left and right.

But, because it is a softbody, i cannot use the ‘motion’ actuator and rot to turn the character, help please! is there a way to do this on a softbody in game? Thanks

Also, It would be awesome if somebody could figure out a way to make the character
jump to a set height, like maybe a couple of feet ( in blender world! ) from it’s current position.

The .blend will be post along with this, Please help! and thankyou.

softbody game.blend (253 KB)

cant help you with the soft body issue at the moment. being im away from my main computer. but the jumping issue is easy. just add a tap and a key press (space) linked to AND and that linked to motion. and just set the motion (force not loc.) for z to whatever value works best (depends on the mass of your object)

TAP - AND - MOTION(force)

my txt logic bricks :slight_smile:

Generally it is a bad idea to use Loc to move a physics object. This sets the position directly. Wich means it is teleporting.

Use Force or LinV. That is much better. I think Force is the best choice for Softbody.