soft body hair

This was a soft body test for hair.
The hair is deformed with a mesh deform modifier, the deform cage has soft body physics enabled.

I had problem with the mesh deform cage.
The top / first set of vertices were lagging or moving preemptively.

I found it was the Cache Steps property, I set it to 2, and it worked correctly.
If you set Cache Steps to 20, then bake, you may see the first set of vertices lag behind the hair.

I had the same problem in the project file, though the cage vertices were moving preemptively.


soft_hair.blend (465 KB)

Wow! this is just the effect that I want to obtain bot just can’t… would you point to a tutorial or some advice please… thanks in advance!

This could be useful for cartoon-style hair :slight_smile:

this is a sort of tutorial that i discovered time ago…never tried, but seems to work