Soft body physics type as game models

Hi all,

I’ve started to look at using soft bodies to make leaves with, but I have a few questions:

In the example I have three planes that I want to have ‘droop’ at one end (like large leaves do in real life). How would I set this up with a soft body? I have tried parenting a cube to act as a stalk but then the leaves act as static meshes. They also vanish in the viewport when I press P. I assume from this soft bodies need to be closed meshes?

And lastly, what performance hit does soft bodies take? I was planning to have a forest of these bendy trees but will it destroy my PC?




leaves.blend (430 KB)

You will get a CPU meltdown ;).

If you have one leaf or two you might use softbodies. But serious, is it worth?

Even armatures for a single tree might be overkill. But much more efficient than softbodies.
A forest is heavy even with static models.

For that you need to dig really deep into the bag of tricks (e.g. LOD).

I forgot:
you can use rigidbody constraints to “grap” soft bodies.

In the first part of this video (up to minute 3.45) you can see how to set up the constraints to pin up a tree leave or whatever.

But like Monster said already, this consumes a lot of cpu power.


Thanks guys. This is related to one of my other posts where I wanted to make swaying grass- the problem I have is

a: trying to get vegetation to move (not so hard, lots of options)

b: introducing a force to move the vegetation (more difficult, I would need it like the render engines wind modifier).

Soft bodies would be great as they automatically bend on contact and do not require bones, but I suspected it would make my pc cry. I guess its back to f curves!

Remember that all modern grass waving things are done by shaders. Uniform variables could bring some wind stuff in or signal the grass to be moved by walking through it. Only with shaders, it will be fast enough.