soft body question

is there a way to add cloth/soft body to vertex groups in a mesh? for instance…if i’ve modeled a character where the clothing is actually the body of the mesh, can i add a cloth or soft body to the edges of their shirt? such as a collar or the end of the arms on a long sleeve shirt so that they will slightly bounce when the character is walking/moving?


I think you just make the whole mesh a soft body and weight paint the goal to 1 wherever you don’t want it to act like a soft body.

Yup … soft bodies will work that way. Be aware : the soft body module was designed to add a ‘little jiggle’ and grew a bit more towards ‘all you can do with a mass spring system’ which is a tad too complicated for simple task like yours.
So since you want to simulate cloth you’d better use the cloth modifier and ‘pin’ the things you want animate.