soft body - rubber style material

I try to model something like a “jumping sheet”, basically a plane (softbody) and a spere (deflection) over it that moves down. But when it touches the plane, the plane should “stretch”. But I only got so far that the plane stretches a little but, but then the sphere comes through. Now I would like the plane stretching around the sphere like rubber. Is that possible? Can anyone give me a hint about the settings? This one of my first attempts with softbody.


Reduce ‘hard’, ‘ref’ ,‘spec’ value until it seems like.

He was not talking about the material, he was talking about the softbody.
I think you’ll just have to tweak it until its right, also you could take a look at the cvs version of Blender because it has some new Sofbody features like controllable ridgidity and Selfcollision. Maybe, if the plane goes through the ball, you could try to scale the ball down after baking the Sofbody or moving down the plane.

Thanks, Massume, I made some progress, tweaking all the settings is quite tricky. I downloaded the last cvs build and it looks quite promising! I will give it a try!

First we have to face the fact that softbodies are pretty weak when in comes to (fast) moving collision objects. The reasons for this are: the moving colliders are ‘seen’ static which leads to the feared ‘tunnel effect’. Further i found out recently the deps.graph delivers colliders with a 1 frame lag.
Both problems i am working on, but i did not reach a status good enough to commit to CVS.

However 2 tricks may help you to cheat over that problems in the current version.

  1. weaken the edges of the plane (lower values for E-stiff)
    make the collider look ahead region thicker ( bigger Outer values in collider settings )

  2. expand the timescale while baking (stretch the IPOs in time)
    and contract time again while playback with a NLA strip


Thank you very much! I will try this!