Soft Body Squishing Against Rigid Objects - Help

Hello! I’ve been experimenting with soft-body simulations lately, but I’ve been running into an issue that I’m not too sure how to solve. In my animation, I’m trying to have a ball inflate and react with a rigid mesh with holes in it (soft-body with default values).

Here’s the first frame of my test simulation, where the ball is scaled down and doesn’t contact the rigid bars.

After a few frames, the ball scales up and should deform to the rigid bars holding it. In the first few frames of contact, they deform correctly, but as the ball inflates the ball begins to clip through the bars.

However, after a few more frames, the ball clips completely through the bars and absorbs the bars. Ideally, I’d like it to be squished in relation to the bars, sort of like an orbeez, but the scaling seems to be too much for the collision.

My question is what settings would have to be altered to get the desired effect? I had originally tried to imitate this effect with shapekeys and sculpting, but it took a long time and the textures got all messed up. I figured that a soft-body would work out well, but these collisions aren’t working as expected. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

An attempt using cloth physics with animated pressure (press play to start sim):


sbsquish2.blend (677.9 KB)

Things I did that I think helped:

  • used a high res icosphere (so it could bend comfortably around the sides of bars)
  • turned on collision → single sided for the bars (makes sim a bit more stable)
  • set cloth sim quality steps very high (200)
  • set cloth sim collision quality high (4)