Soft body tests

Here are the results of my first soft body tests.

In trying to emulate secondary animation, I thought I’d give soft bodies a try.
The first example is a jumping “Hank” without SB.

And the second, chubbier “Hank” with SB. I think he’s a bit too gelatinous, but I figure it just takes some tweaking to the settings and/or weight map.

** it’s amazing how long it takes to create a decent looking 2-second jump **

I would post this in Blender Tests, this forum I believe is for finished animations.

I agree with you though the second one is too wiggly.

I think Nathan Vegdal did a great job simulating fat in BBB, I’m pretty sure he just used bones. Some of us spend too much time trying to make the software “do it for us” when it could be hand animated easier and more quickly, with much more control over the final result. As far as the time required to animate a jump, yeah try a flip or a cartwheel!

Hey, Abe Lincoln!! Look up Blender Physics Engine.