Soft drink

Yafray rendered glass of Pepsi!

Crits please :slight_smile:



So realistic I can hardly believe it was made in blender.
Can we see some screenshots or wires to prove?

Good grief, that looks real. :o

congrats! very very photorealistic, with a lot of care for details

Hey nice texturing, and the cola looks good as well only crit is that there is a little less froth, rest is good. Maybe you can put another render in different angle.

btw also try and make a disposable plastic (thin and with rings) :wink:

nice work

That looks too good to be true. I strongly believe this is a photo. Could you prove me wrong by posting some wires ?

THIS IS A PHOTO !! Show me model 3D, or same screens from blender !!!
:o :o :o

I was fooled. :stuck_out_tongue:


nice photo.

I think we need a wire and some wip…

I really hope you have them, proving blender + yafray are capable of outstanding results, enough to face the strongest competition (vray, maxwell render, final render, renderman etc…)

new user… first post… smells of trick…

Hmmm… I want to say it’s a photo, but the lighting just seems odd. Also I might be seeing things, but it looks sorta like the rest of the liquid is too transparent and there aren’t enough bubble’s. Other than that I would say it’s real photo, if not, your the best perhaps. Please post wires, please, I don’t see any polys.

hmm, i would say photo to.


wip images please.

Wow, you´re stupid if ypu´re gonna make us belive thats real. %|

fake :>
just look at strings and comment in the jpg

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It his first post here. it just cant be real show us some wires!

If it isn’t fake, or if it is, it’s good either way. One way to tell it is not fake though, is there aren’t any bubbles.

it’s most definitely a fake!

Move along, nothing to see here, just an attention whore…

Great fake you have there, it is obvious straight away that you put a lot of time and effort into creating that fine looking piece. Great to see new work from people with 1 post. Do it again and I’m sure people will agree with me that you should be banned, if not taken to the middle of the desert and left there to be feasted upon by poisoness reptiles and such.