Soft Gradient

Here’s the companion to Sunburst. They started off with the same scene contents, and then both diverged slightly. They are a set, and my goal was to have the same soft feel in each. For this one, I wanted to emphasize the color gradients, where in Sunburst the main focus was the light rays.

I had this all done and ready to print until I decided that it should go on a canvas wrap. For that, I needed to add borders so it’d wrap around the frame. Of course, my camera was right against the edge of the scene. So I backed the camera up, extended the scene (including the fog cube), and re-rendered. As you might have guessed, that fog was way too dense!
So after a few more iterations, and a lot of time reworking the compositing, I got this result which I am quite happy with. It’s not exactly the same as the original, but I like this version better.