Soft Lit Table

(H-C) #1

Take a look, As the Soft light Strokes the Nearby table and bounces from the bottom base of the candle. its still not fully complete needs alot of work done to it still need some silk cloth to be added to it a few roses perhaps and some jewerly

(Idgas) #2

That looks really good, wow

(S68) #3

Very nice :slight_smile:

Only points are that table texture doesn’t look right, too much Spec, maybe,
and wooden floor laks bumpmap (or, if it has, it is too flat)


(BgDM) #4

Veyr impressive work. There are some bad antialaising artifacts along the base of the lamp shade and the baseboard trim. Did you have your OSA set high enough? Try rendering the image at 2 times the size and scaling down in Photoshop or GIMP. Usually gets rid of that pretty well.

Also, it seems that the lamp, table and candle stick are not producing any shadows. Maybe just the angle of the incoming light, but they don’t seem to be there.

Great texture work on the table and the lamp. Looks great.


(sten) #5

Hey H-C !

you already know it ! I said it to you on #blenderchat
awsome work and progress of your 3D knowledge…

takes the breath out of me to see this is a Blenderjob…
would surely fit a CJ :wink:

(garbager) #6

superb picture, not very political like the ones I usually love, but still :slight_smile:

(garbager) #7

By the way, I have a question…

what are the settings of mirc necessary to join blenderchat (channel? server?) ?

(H-C) #8

heres a update of my Scene i added some more colour to it the bump mapping on the table is slightly better and the spec has been decreased slightly the table is meant to have quite a Grainy and varnished look, and the shadow to the candle is further up.

i have added roses and Pink Cloth. i might update again with some jewerlly and perhaps a pot with a plant beside it for the last.

(kino) #9

WOW 8)
amazing good work

i prefer the previous without the cloth
shadow is a little too dark maybe.


(S68) #10


I found table much better in image #2 but objects of image #1

You know, one’s never satified :stuck_out_tongue:


(Jolly Gnome) #11

In my opinion, the first picture is way better, especially lightning-wise. The specularity of the table is good, it gives the impression of long ago varnished surface which has gone a bit dull and broken and the varnish is worn out quite a lot. In other words, it looks old. Very nice effect I say.
On the other picture, the colours are too bright, and there’s a bit too much objects on the table. Lightning is quite aggressive, and the shadows too deep for the overall brightness of the image. The lamp gets too little light, and it might be better if there was no shadows cast on the table or the objects because of windows.

(Dittohead) #12

wow nice work :wink: