Soft material tied with a string (how to make)

Hi, I’m a Blender newbie and I am trying to create a soft object that would be tied tightly with a string - so far I just modelled the object, created all the “wrinkles” through sculpting where the string is supposed to react with the object, and then tried to model the string on the top of it by extruding a cylinder, while shaping and snapping it to the object.
After hours of effort leading nowhere, I would like to ask here, if anybody maybe knows an easier and more efficient way how to get the desired result.
I will be grateful for any advice :blush: thanks!

This is what I mean:


Or this…

Definitely use curve or simple extruded edge (some tutorial to curves). Apply shrinkwrap modifier (youtube here) so it automatically goes on the surface of the model or turn on snapping to the faces, so it will behave similary to shirnkwrap modifier. After that you can set the geometry of the curve to be thick as you wish. If you used edge extruding, use skin modifier or convert the edges to curve.

Hello Rebarbora!

Another option you could try is selecting the edge-loop that the string is going to be set in, duplicate it and separate it, convert it to a curve, and finally increase the “Bevel Depth”. This will get a quick base to work from! After that you can ‘rip’ it where you want it to separate and then do some fancy stuff like making a knot and such! Hope that helps?