Soft Meshes? 2.35?

I heard rumor in some threads that there would be “soft meshes”, or something that had collision detection in 2.35.

Was this put on the backburner, or just not included in the release?

Any info?

from what i heard, softbody/hardbody/cloth dynamics were to be implemented in 2.36…

along with a major transform recoding as well as better character animation tools…

but don’t quote me on that


sounds like alot for a 2.36 release though, but who knows perhaps if Ton dives under for a month or two :slight_smile:

afaik, the new curve deform uses the same base code that softbodies will. and i think theeth was working on the transform code.

/me unplugs Ton’s internetconnection for 1 month :wink:

ps. joke :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard part of the code is already hidden there… if you rename a mesh beginning with soft (sphere -> softsphere) in the particle panel appears some soft buttons.

Well, I’ll be damned, Kha. Renaming an icosphere to softsphere does bring in some controls for the soft bodies. Nice find!

Now, if I could just harness the power of softbodies! :wink:


well there was a very very very (X25) pre pre pre pre (X10^(26)) alpha in the test builds… It might be in the official release… but it mearly a piece of code and you can’t do anything with it.

I was just thinking that you could probably use hooks (new to 2.35) to simulate a sort of softbody situation with clothing

How do u use those hooks anyway? Looks like a usefull tool.

select a vert >>> ctr+H >>> add empty (I think). As simple as that.

ooo, it works! awesome. Thanks @ner

what can y ou do with the current code? somehow i see a difference betwen object mesh and object center in animation.


absolutely nothing!
It’s only the framework for future development.


Ok, I’ve got the softbody panel now, but what can I do with it? How do I make my object react with anything? :expressionless:

nothing… you can’t do nothing… it’s for coders to worrie about… every thing in it’s own good time.

anyone tried using hooks for clothes?

Ok… I had just becomed some happy and then I couldn’t use it for anything :-? But I guess that it will come.

hooks for cloth? I can’t think of any way merge hooks with cloth :-?

This is gonna make me look stupid for asking, but what are soft bodies?
also, in regard to hooks, is there any way to set a hook to a vert so that after it has been moved a certain distance, the surrounding verts start to move too, kinda like the object is stretching?