Soft Mocap suits not long off.

Imagine wearing a glove, and having force feedback and 100% accurate IK on a vr interaction device or mocap suit.

Not long now.

What was that super practical use of VR everybody exept me knows of since their birth again?

(sorry, I couldn`t resist)
greetings, Kologe

Video games, your hand as a 3d mouse, sculpting, hand painting…

Imagine sculpting and being able to.feel the surface…

Hold your arms out in front of yourself and imagine what it would be like to directly manipulate an object in 3d.

Now keep doing that for an hour and let me know how tired your arms are.

Turns out, it’s not really an ideal method of interacting with a computer. same with touchscreen laptops, sure they come in handy sometimes, but most people are using a mouse or trackpad to interact long term.

There’s the cost/benefit ratio too. If it won’t significantly improve the look of the finished model, it’s not worth the extra expense. Might be worth having for mocap, could be desirable as an expensive gimmick for gamers, but I’m sure the artist will get on just fine with a stylus.

Actually, I was more concerned with acting, and interacting with a virtual environment to record a animation to be rendered later.

Basically acting and playing a game at the same time, to record in real time, will make things Intresting.