Soft mod add on

Tired of using hook modifiers? Do you want a simpler way to use a soft mod where you can sculpt shape keys on the top? Here is the solution for you!
Try it. It is free! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I believe this addon will make animations a lot easier.

well that is actually more of a modelling too. It is specifically useful for making shape keys.
I wouldn’t recommend it for animation since it is piling up armature modifiers and the widgets are empty and not bones. You won’t be able to get the benefits of animate in pose mode, so might have to get a bit creative to use that as an animation tool…

Nice! reminds me of the Surface Constraints tool in the DeformPro add-on.

This is a bit more simple than deform pro.
The concept is coming from a workflow that is generally used in vfx and animation to create blendshapes (shapekeys).
It is a hook modifier on steroids. You have few handy options, creation is more user friendly, and most of all you can sculpt shapekeys on the top of the deformed area.

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I think that was an upcoming feature for it as well , support for shapekeys is nice for animation.
Both tools have a unique deforming solution. Although, I think deformpro’s ability to click and drag areas of the mesh & assign a hook is pretty original in blender, i’ve been using the tool since 2.79(used to be called ShapeShift Pro), not saying you took the idea!

The main inspiration was off this sotware:

Anyway, I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Thank a lot for sharing and i will make good use of it soon!

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Hahaha This is way too advanced for my skills :slight_smile:
The concept is not the same tho.
Soft mod is just an helper to move vertex using a painted influence, it wasn’t intended for animation. The principle is exactly the same of the hook. I was extremely disappointed to find out that the sculpting mode was not working with hooks that I decided to find a workaround.
I wasn’t very familiar with blender but I have been writing script in python for maya for quite a while, so I decided to jump in and write this add on.
It isn’t really rocket science… just a way to bend Blender to a Maya workflow :slight_smile:

So version 2.0 is out.
I have been adding a lot of things. Such as symmetry, paint smooth and create shapeKeys from softmod.



Im having issues with the Mirror / Symmetry stuff

When I enable it and move the Widget, the mesh seems to be locked in the Z axis when moving it but it can rotate

First half of the video shows the first one working fine but not the second one

Edit Update: I seemed to have fixed it by removing the Mirrored weights on the other side manually and activating it again and clicking Mirror Weights.

Unsure what happened, I maybe had Weight Paint X Symmetry turned on by accident and turned it off later

If it was my mistake, you don’t have to really do anything but I can suggest something like forcibly unchecking X mirror painting? if it was the issue that is.

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On perfectly symmetrical models the mirror is supposed to work fine.
The problem comes up when there is an offset. It will miss mirroring the weights and leave them on the same side. To be safe you can go choose the topology mirror if your mesh is topologically symmetrical. That should fix the issue.

I discovered its because every new SoftMod already has X Symmetry painting enabled so that messes with the painting if I paint and then it doubles the weights on either sides, so I have to remember to disable x mirror painting and if I’ve already painted with it on, remove the weights on the other side and disable x mirror painting.

Im talking of the X mirror painting in Blender, not your addon, just to be clear.

I am not sure I do understand what you mean for X Symmetry painting.
If this is the option in you are talking about:
The softomod does not enable it by default. it is probably in your preferences…
In some cases you may want the weight to affect the opposite side of the geometry. So this is the way the script it is supposed to work.

No I mean X Mirror checkbox

For me, at least, its enabled by default on every Softmod I create, when I opened Blender though it was normally disabled.

I see. Same thing. This is in your preferences. The add on doesn’t enable or disable that setting on the brush.

Ah, I tested it in a new Blend file and it didnt enable by default, I think its some sort of stuck preference in the specific Blend file I had. Sorry bout that lol.

And lastly, is this a limitation of Blender? I expected it to carry on twisting.

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I think that’s the way bones work in Blender. It won’t let you twist the mesh.
I am not sure about it tho… I have to do some research about it.

I see, thanks, its a useful addon for facial Shape Keys :ok_hand:

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Thank you for pointing out the issue. Always good to have some constructive feedback :slight_smile:

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I just checked in Maya how cluster work. And it behaves the same way it does in blender.
I am pretty sure there are some valid reasons why the geometry doesn’t twist. It has probably something to do with the deformation matrices.
Funny thing I never noticed that before :slight_smile: