Soft or melt

I am familiar with G-Max for modeling airplanes and I am trying to do same in blender. G-max has an option to make selection soft so when you stretched with a vertice, the others would slightly move with it, according to the softness setting. It was great for the nose tips on the planes. Is there something like that in blender? Also I am trying to align my vertices with the grid and holding control isnt stopping on the grid markings and i would like them to.
Thank you

You want proportional editing for your soft selection needs. Press o in edit mode then grab and move one or more vertices. Use the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the scope of the vertices affected.

Watch the edit mode tool bar as you toggle the “o” key to see the button that enables edit mode and the other options it provides.

As for the grid, this is a bit fiddly. Assuming you have left the default key settings, left click to position the cursor near the grid point you want to use. Then select shift+s and choose cursor to grid. Next select the vertice you want to move, press shift+s and choose selection to cursor.

Thanks a lot Goosey