Soft Pad Chair

An asset I made for archviz purposes that I’m also giving away for free (model only)
I love working in 2.8, seeing in realtime how shaders and colors and textures work and then just rendering it out is a huge timesaver. I litteraly did modeling and shading at the same time, no endless rendertests required.

see more pics and download here:


nice work !!!

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Nice job…

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Nice work. 2.8 is fantastic isn’t it!

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Very realistic, nice

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Thank you everyone.
@norrid yes 2.8 is fantastic. Can’t wait for all the addons to get ported so that I no longer need to ho back to 2.79 for anything.

Nice! Very realistic :3

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I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice. What spec computer do you have to have such a smooth real time eevee experience.?

I guess question was for me. Nothing special for the hardware, just a gtx1060.
Eevee doesn’t seem to need much.

Cool. yea sorry for the confusion.