Soft Plastic Material

Hello everyone,

I tried to create this material, but in the final render I couldn’t achieve any satisfactory look. Could you please share with me how you would create it?

It looks like plastic with SSS and looks not very glossy.

I would start with the principled shader.and increase the SSS value,and roughness maybe 0.5.
Additional you can add the AO shader for masking the dark parts in the cracks.(AO output into a mix RGB color fac.and the output of the two colors, into the base color of the principled shader.)
Maybe adjusting the SSS distance/colors for matching the result.

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Pretty much what @pixelgrip said:


If you want to copy the exact look,then try too light your model the same as the original model,including the back round.

Then just tweak the shader,SSS amount,color ect.And use Random walk as SSS,this gives you this bright edge look.

I have never used Ambient Occlusion node before. So, in short, if I decrease distance, I have darker shadows in those cracks?

It works with distance.For this reason i have posted my model dimensions (18.9m)

just play with the distance setting to get a feel for it how it works