Soft/Rigid body or not

I am trying to link 2 torus like a chain, I’ve been using Rigidbody physics, and it works fine if it’s big enough:

but this is a fairly small part of a character (the white ring has been scaled to .03% making it the size of the ring on my char):

I’ve adjusted the margins (to no avail) I’d be fine using constraints, but it’s animated, so even faking it that way wont work. I tried using Softbody physics, and it just exploded.
I’m just looking for a way to keep this necklace in one piece and not have to manually animate every detail if anyone knows of a better way to do this, please SPEAK UP.

You need to increase the mass and it should work fine. Also having it in one piece would not make any sense. You could just parent the objekts to your character or group them together.