Soft Selection

The title says it all. I’ve spent an hour searching the manual for ‘soft selection’, ‘magnets’, and just ‘soft’ and just ‘selection’. I really believe there is a way in Blender to move or scale a mesh in a non-uniform, user-defined way. I just can’t find out what it’s called in Blender. Help would be appreciated.

You want the Proportional Editing tool. Press the O-key to toggle it in Edit mode. Shift-O changes through the type of falloff (root, smooth, random etc). These are both available in the 3D window header (just to the left of the magnet).

After you start your grab size or move operation, rolling the mouse wheel or page up/down changes the range of the effect.

Wiki page for PET here.

CD38, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m at work now, but will start working on it as soon as I get home. Thanks. :slight_smile: