Soft shadows with rendertime radiosity?

I’d like to know if there is any way to get soft shadows with rendertime radiosity (not creating a new mesh with vertex colors).

The adaptive subdivision of the “modelling” radiosity is really nice, and it’s easy to get soft shadows.

But with the rendertime radiosity I have to crank up the subsurface level of my meshes to about 5 (to get intelligible shadows), and even then the shadows are not soft.

I would use the modelling radiosity with vertex colors, but then:

  1. Any textures I have are distorted as they’re converted to vertex colors.
  2. Meshes that have raytracing reflection activated are not smoothed.




did you try a simple subdivision instead of catmul clark?

(whoa, knoqueror has spell checking)

you are going to have to subdivide your mesh to get reasonable results, there is no getting around that

(if at render time blender subdivided your mesh for you would be able to see the subdivisions move as objects move)

z3r0 d: Thanks for the reply. I am using simple subdivision. I suppose I’m really looking for Face Filter and Element Filter type commands for the rendertime radiosity.

I’ll see if I can separate objects out of the mesh created by modelling radiosity–hopefully that will give me what I need.